PCB Design Services
Bold Circuits offers PCB design services using Altium Designer up to and including the following features:
  • High-layer count boards (20+)
  • Micro-vias, blind and buried vias
  • Flex and Rigid Flex
  • Fine pitch (<0.5mm) BGA technology.
  • Mixed-Dielectric PCB
  • Controlled Dielectric/ Controlled impedance
  • Differential pairs
  • RF PCB Design
  • IPC Class III Design
  • IPC Certified Designer (IPC-CID)
  • Official Altium Service Bureau
Bold Circuits can also work with your preferred manufacturer and follow their DFM guidelines and/or plan the stackup.
PCB Fabrication and Assembly Services
In addition to generation of fabrication and assembly documentation and data, Bold Circuits can have your PCB fabricated and/or assembled by third party contract manufacturers.